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Happy Hayden in Crownsville

It is so much fun being a Child Photographer in Crownsville when you have such a happy kid!  We met today’s featured kiddo at his family’s home in Crownsville.  There were beautiful flowers blooming everywhere and the temperature was just right!  After a little bit of shy, mommy-leg-hugging . . . we headed out to the back yard to play.  Little Hayden sure came out of his shell fast and then was running everywhere!  It was so much fun getting to play with him and capture his photos for mom!  On a funny/cute side note, mom had ordered a special outfit online for today’s portrait session and when they came in, the size of his pants were too big.  With not enough time to send them back, we just went with it and . . . yep, they kept falling down (which Hayden thought was so funny)!

We just can’t wait for Mom’s awesome wall portraits to come in, waiting is always the hardest part!

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