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When should I book my newborn session?

Please contact us before your baby is due!  It is best to schedule your newborn session while you are still early into your pregnancy.  This ensures a spot on our callendar during the month you are due.  Since we never really know when your baby will arrive, we will schedule your session as close to your due date as possible.  Once baby arrives, we ask that you contact us as soon as you can so that we can update your session date.  If your baby arrives early or is already born, no worries!  We will do our absolute best to squeeze them in!

How soon after birth can we have our session?

You could schedule your session for the day you come home from the hospital, if you like.  It is never too early to have your Newborn Session.  Newborns babies photograph best within the first 10 days!  As a rule of thumb, we like to photograph newborns no later than 2 weeks young.  During those first 2 weeks, baby is still very sleepy and likes to be curled up like they are still in the womb.  After about that 2 week mark, baby tends to become more easily disturbed, more aware (less sleepy) and this is also when they can be colicky or develop baby acne.

How should I prepare for the session?

We recommend that baby be well rested and plan on feeding baby right after we arrive.  We also recommend dialing up the heat in your home, at least for the area where the session will take place.  Babies like nothing better than being warm and cozy with a full belly!   Newborns photograph perfect while sleeping so we request that right before feeding baby, you undress and swaddle baby.  This is to ensure that we don't wake baby by undressing them after they fall asleep.  Session can last anywhere from 3-5 hrs, allowing plenty of time for feeding, changing and breaks for both you and baby.  

How should I dress Baby?

Newborn babies photograph best without any cloths at all.  We will typically swaddle baby in any number of cute, colorful blankets and other fabrics throughout the session.  We also bring with us an extensive supply of blankets, fabrics, hats, bows, head bands and props to help us style each pose.  If you have a blanket, hat or prop that you would like to have baby photographed with  . . . we are happy to incorporate those items into the session.  

I am so worried, what if baby has an accident during the session?

Please . . . do not be worried at all!  It would actually be unusual if baby didn't pee or poop at least a few times during the session.  It does not bother us in the least, in fact . . . we expect it to happen.  We bring plenty of extra blankets, props, hats and cleaning supplies with us so . . . no worries at all!


General Questions


Where should we have the session?

Not to worry, we have a number of local places that are wonderful and offer a nice variety.  Everything from Parks to Farms to Quaint little towns.  There are a number of options available for session locations so just give us a call and I'm sure we can find the perfect spot!

What should we wear?

We have a great little guide in our "Client Lounge" that will be available to you once you book your session.  

Should we bring props and or outfits changes for our kids?

As far as a change of clothes go, we always recommend bringing at least one alternative outfit for each child because let's face it...they are kids and kids love to play in the dirt and splash through puddles.  On that same note, if you would like a themed session and would like to bring outfits and/or props that compliment that theme, we can discuss the details during our pre-session consultation.

What if it rains?

Please don't worry about the weather, we leave plenty of room in our schedule to accommodate mother nature's little tantrums.